Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Art of Note Pad Doodles

       This week is finals week here at St. Johns River College. Lots of exams, studying, trying to be organized, forgetting your healthy eating habits; these seem to be prominent in my week. As I was going through my school notes, I found lots of little sketches I happened to make through out the semester. Just careless doodles from when I had gotten a few questions ahead in my algebra class, or before my music class started. What I really like about these little sketches is they are not brilliant drawings, or master pieces, they are just note pad doodles.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Urbexing in Green Cove 0.2

       Within no time at all, Joe and I were off urban exploring in another area of Green Cove. Not even a mile away was the next place of interest. We hopped back into the car after checking out the rad hovercraft. We drove down the road and across the street into an old boat marina. Taking some turns on the dirt road we went onto a connecting side road, along the boat yard. Around us some boat men were working with their boats and other construction was going on. Then with our cameras in hand Joe and I popped out of the car and went to check out the the old ships.
      There were boats of all sorts, super old boats, and newer boats, lots of rusty boats too. Some were just laying in the grass, others teetered in the water. There were bits of old things that were quite indistinguishable as to what their purpose even could be. All around were a bunch of cruisers, ships and sailboats, as well as larger sized cargo boats. There was a spot with tons of old construction cranes too. It was a pretty neat area. Extending away from the waters edge were concrete and floating docks that stretched out into the river, with other ships, anchored next to them.
      We walked around looking at some of the really old dry ships. Joe climbed up on top of a huge metal structure that may have been a big light or something of the sort. We checked out some of the huge propellers of one of the old ships. All the while taking pictures of the intriguing area. Then we ventured out onto the concrete peer, Joe went quite far out. Then it seemed like some people might be getting interested in us being there so, weaving back through the boats we got in the car and drove a little farther down the dirt road and away from the center of the marina.
      We then spotted a small deserted water tower. So of course we had to check it out. It was up a little hill just to the side of the marina. It was pretty neat for a small little structure. The door once barred was tossed open, leading into a three roomed building attached to the water tower. Some of the walls had holes punched into them and there were plants and Ivy growing through the cracked windows. We explored the place and Joe climbed up onto the ledge of the building attaching to the roof. We took some pictures, filmed some shots for some video projects Joe is working on then headed on our way to another cool place within Green Cove. There is definitely more to be explored at this marina, so we will be back urbexing with these boats soon.

all pictures of me were taken by Joseph Hardin

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Happy Birthday Joe

another round trip around the sun and off on another one! We just keep going round that big fiery ball one road trip after another. Each one so different going deeper and deeper into this experience of life. Joseph is a super talented kid, especially as a film maker. His birthday was a few days ago and he made a very beautiful little film to commemorate the day. Enjoy the film.

Video By aflyingspacerocket

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Urbexing in Green Cove 0.1

              It was 6:20 am when my alarm started beeping. Time to get up! It was a Thursday, got to love a good Thursday. April 14th it was, in the year 2016. A great day ahead, full of adventures and explorations for sure! I headed down the road in my car to pick up Joe. Then after swinging back home for breakfast we were on our way, to the town of Green Cove. Green Cove is not an ordinary town, nor is it very popular. It is old and falling apart. The whole town seems to be themed in, 'closed down' and 'abandoned.' It is quite lovely. On every street there are buildings that have been left to nobody, abandoned from their previous use. But these abandoned structures are exactly what urban explorers look for. There were a good bunch of these that had sparked our interests.
            Joe and I pulled into a large area. Filled with buildings, cars, parking lots and fields. There were lots of buildings around and there were people working around them. The place is a U.S navy base or at least it used to be. But we were looking for something quite particular. We pulled our car into a parking space, when Joe exclaimed,"There it is! There's the hovercraft!" "Its huge!" I said when I saw the part of the hovercraft that was in view from behind a building. Yes there it was the Abandoned Hovercraft. Time to get to the urban exploring.
           Now the exploration began, Step one: find a way in. If there is a security guard be polite and "leave" aka step two: find a different way. If there happens to be an open path with no gate leading from your car, right to a huge abandoned hovercraft.... well yeah step two completed.
          We proceeded across the open inviting path to the Hovercraft. My confidence is never as high as Joe's in the success of exploring abandoned structures. But with Joe's guts we made it to the hovercraft, with hardly any difficulty.
          And man was it spectacular.
          The hovercraft was huge and amazing and awesome! We walked around the outside of it noting information about the object. It was made out of fiberglass, and the only way in was from the front, back, and right side. Since two of them where in view of the security guard we chose the unseen back side. Joe grasped his hands together, and as I shoved my foot into them as he boosted me up. Then grabbing his hand I helped pull him up. There we were in the hovercraft!
          It was stunning! It was like a colossal, master piece of a space ship! The bottom floor consisted mainly of a large open area and a sectioned off front and back end. The deteriorating walls and ceilings dripped with water causing algae to grow on them. There were openings on the floor with ladders leading down to water filled empty spaces underneath the craft. There was also a small flight of stairs leading to the upper region of the hovercraft. We went up these stairs to find another wide and empty space, surrounded by tall open windows. These windows made the place look even more like an extraordinary space vessel. It was fantastic! We took pictures and explored for a good while. Then with a high five of success, exchanged between Joe and I, we headed out to explore the next abandoned artifact.
left column (1st, 3rd, and last pictures) taken by Joseph Hardin

Comment below what you think of this adventure!! and follow my blog to hear the next!!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Good Morning Inspiration

This is a video by Chase Vs Everything that has inspired a change in the timing I go to bed and wake up.  I would like to try and go to bed at 10pm and instead of  1am  I want to try and wake up at 7am instead of 9. Overall now I am less tired than I have been in awhile.

Video By ChaseVsEverything

Introducing Joe

I would like to introduce another character that plays an important role in my story. My best friend Joseph, is my travel, explorer, and adventure partner. His name will be mentioned in many of my stories. He also is a super talented creator and film maker. Meet Joe:

An Introductory Hello

Hello! My name is Morgan, I am an adventure enthusiast and an artist. I really enjoy doing wild things. I do urbexing where I go explore cities, and abandoned architecture, falling apart buildings and technology. I also just love to be outside. For me, being outside and on an adventure is one of the most enjoyable things to do. I really enjoy nature and the beauty of the world. I also make art. I do my best in lots of different art forms, I like to draw, paint, play piano, write, photography, and I am trying to get into video making as well. When I am not doing these things I am hanging out with my family or studying college courses. At The Explorer Camp you will be able to hear stories of my adventures, and urban exploring! As well as see many visual arts and other creators work, and much more!

Picture taken by Joseph Hardin