Thursday, August 11, 2016

Working Creatively #iAppreciate

N.T.Jordan To Make a Minute
        I have great appreciation for these artists; Nehemiah Jordan, Joseph Hardin, Dave Crosby, Elijah Emerald, Terri Windling, Gary Turk, Jack Innanen, and Teresa Woodcock. I value what they make and what they try to accomplish with their art. You can view their work through the links below. When a person does creative work their is surely a lot more hours and effort behind just what we see. Their timeless involvement in their work to make something big or small. Perseverance with the little details that might not even be noticed goes a long way in making their work better as well as themselves better creators.

These people make videos and short films.
Nehemiah Jordan / N.T.Jordan
Joseph Hardin / aflyingspacerocket
Elijah / Elijah Emerald
Jack Innanen / Jack Inanen
Gary Turk / Gary Turk
Theresa Woodcock / IGottaLoveCereal

This person is a musician.
Dave Crosby / Crosby

This person is a writer.
Terri Windling / Myth & Moor



  1. LOVED THIS SO MUCH WOW. Great article and great creators!

  2. AWH!! This melted my heart!! Thanks, Morgan 💖 Nehemiah's video was so neat! :) I liked his and your message. Keep doing you, I appreciate your work 💕😘

    1. Thank You youre words mean a lot to me :)