Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What is Love? by N.T. Jordan

Happy belated St. Valentine's Day everyone. This past week we celebrated a day for love, I think it is a good idea to think about what love actually is? Love isn't a feeling, sure feelings come with love but we can love people without feelings. Love is making a sacrifice for someone. Love is putting someone else before yourself. This video by Nehemiah is super awesome proposing the question, what is love? Watch and Enjoy.

I had a wonderful February 14. My best friend and I met up in a rustic town. We rode around on a tandem bike, visiting local coffee shops, and dancing in scattered parks along the city's edge. We found an amazing swing that was hung from a rope way up in a tree. The swing itself was a circular shape with tight netting for the sitting area. It is big enough to lay back and then when you get pushed super high it feels like soaring. We topped off our time together with a picnic under an oak tree. Sandwiches, healthy homemade cheese danishes, and orange chocolate. Such a great day.

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