Thursday, April 21, 2016

Urbexing in Green Cove 0.1

              It was 6:20 am when my alarm started beeping. Time to get up! It was a Thursday, got to love a good Thursday. April 14th it was, in the year 2016. A great day ahead, full of adventures and explorations for sure! I headed down the road in my car to pick up Joe. Then after swinging back home for breakfast we were on our way, to the town of Green Cove. Green Cove is not an ordinary town, nor is it very popular. It is old and falling apart. The whole town seems to be themed in, 'closed down' and 'abandoned.' It is quite lovely. On every street there are buildings that have been left to nobody, abandoned from their previous use. But these abandoned structures are exactly what urban explorers look for. There were a good bunch of these that had sparked our interests.
            Joe and I pulled into a large area. Filled with buildings, cars, parking lots and fields. There were lots of buildings around and there were people working around them. The place is a U.S navy base or at least it used to be. But we were looking for something quite particular. We pulled our car into a parking space, when Joe exclaimed,"There it is! There's the hovercraft!" "Its huge!" I said when I saw the part of the hovercraft that was in view from behind a building. Yes there it was the Abandoned Hovercraft. Time to get to the urban exploring.
           Now the exploration began, Step one: find a way in. If there is a security guard be polite and "leave" aka step two: find a different way. If there happens to be an open path with no gate leading from your car, right to a huge abandoned hovercraft.... well yeah step two completed.
          We proceeded across the open inviting path to the Hovercraft. My confidence is never as high as Joe's in the success of exploring abandoned structures. But with Joe's guts we made it to the hovercraft, with hardly any difficulty.
          And man was it spectacular.
          The hovercraft was huge and amazing and awesome! We walked around the outside of it noting information about the object. It was made out of fiberglass, and the only way in was from the front, back, and right side. Since two of them where in view of the security guard we chose the unseen back side. Joe grasped his hands together, and as I shoved my foot into them as he boosted me up. Then grabbing his hand I helped pull him up. There we were in the hovercraft!
          It was stunning! It was like a colossal, master piece of a space ship! The bottom floor consisted mainly of a large open area and a sectioned off front and back end. The deteriorating walls and ceilings dripped with water causing algae to grow on them. There were openings on the floor with ladders leading down to water filled empty spaces underneath the craft. There was also a small flight of stairs leading to the upper region of the hovercraft. We went up these stairs to find another wide and empty space, surrounded by tall open windows. These windows made the place look even more like an extraordinary space vessel. It was fantastic! We took pictures and explored for a good while. Then with a high five of success, exchanged between Joe and I, we headed out to explore the next abandoned artifact.
left column (1st, 3rd, and last pictures) taken by Joseph Hardin

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  1. So far so good. Would love to see more. A page bar widget at the top would be awesome since I predict you will be posting a lot and I could search for things easily. Please check out my blog :D thanks.

    1. Ah thank you so much! I will get right onto that widget! Did you like the story?

  2. I really like your writing skills, you definitely know how to write! I'm looking forward to reading more. I also approve of Chronicles of Love's idea about the widget. Oh, and the images to match your writing go so well.

  3. Thank you so much! I am glad you like it!