Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Terms to Know

Allegory- A representational work to present an abstract thought, idea, or concept to the viewer.

Momento Mori- A reminder that we all will die. A Concept of life, from birth to Death, and a reminder to be thankful.

Faith-Firm Belief in The truths that God has revealed.

Hope-The desire for eternal happiness and confidence that in Gods mercy he will give us the means to attain it.

Charity-The action of doing all things with love. To love God above all things and to love all humans for the love of God.

I have been working on a project that will be posted soon. It is something that I had written over a year ago and am now going to share it with you in hopes that it will inspire you in one way or another. For now here are some terms that will come in handy to know in regards to reading posts to come.

Written with love for Our Lord,

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