Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Short Story Written by Morgan Erickson

           Man was driving to work one day when he stopped to introduce himself to a stranger. The stranger called himself Death and Death offered to take him on a journey. Man agreed to go with Death and was told to go secure his home for while he was gone traveling. So Man set off. He decided he didn't want to travel alone with Death, and he thought it would be more of an adventure if he could travel with some of his friends as well. So Man went to Companions. Man asked Companions to go traveling with him saying, "My friend Companions shall you go with me on a great adventure?" Companions replied, "why of course! My dream is to go with you everywhere!" Then Man told Companions, "I have met someone who's name is Death, he too we shall travel with." At this Companions disappeared... So Man went to Family and said to him, "Come with me you have known me since I first came to be" and Family replied only too willing, "we will follow you and be with you forever." Then Man told Family, "good early in the morning I will show you Death, who we will travel with." At this Family was gone... The man feeling forlorn turned to his close friends Pleasure and Treasure. Great were their size and Man asked longingly for them to go with him on his journey with Death, to only see them turn to dust. Man walked through the park trying to remember anyone who might go with him, but nobody would come to mind. While walking and thinking and lost in thought man bumped into Knowledge. Man had not seen Knowledge in a while and he was pleased to see his elderly appearance once again. Man desperately pleaded with Knowledge to come with him on his journey, and Knowledge said, he would... but only if Man could convince his most important friend to go also. Man intimidated by the proposal went with Knowledge to where this friend lived. Knowledge called to his friend when they arrived, "hello Charity!" Man looked at the young boy sitting on the curb with his friend as they shared their lunch and then Man looked at the woman cradling her new child, her husband holding her close and combing her hair. Man glanced over to see a son holding his sick mothers hand and Man watched as two kneeled to be one and he saw... Man took a deep breath and walked straight up to Love, and Man asked Love if she would come with him and death... and Love said yes. Man looking around finally happy picked up Love's small friends; Humility, Compassion, Gentleness, Temperance, who cried out to Man with their willingness to go. Man carried Knowledge on his back and he set forth, holding tight onto Love's Hand, Man walked side by side with Faith and Hope to Death.
By Morgan Erickson

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Terms to Know

Allegory- A representational work to present an abstract thought, idea, or concept to the viewer.

Momento Mori- A reminder that we all will die. A Concept of life, from birth to Death, and a reminder to be thankful.

Faith-Firm Belief in The truths that God has revealed.

Hope-The desire for eternal happiness and confidence that in Gods mercy he will give us the means to attain it.

Charity-The action of doing all things with love. To love God above all things and to love all humans for the love of God.

I have been working on a project that will be posted soon. It is something that I had written over a year ago and am now going to share it with you in hopes that it will inspire you in one way or another. For now here are some terms that will come in handy to know in regards to reading posts to come.

Written with love for Our Lord,

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Friends Around the World

Day 2
          I have friends from a lot of different places. A great friend of mine lives all the way in Argentina and I miss her a lot, even though I have never met her in person. This is a very new concept in our generation, being able to make friends through emails, and Skype calls. I also have friends that are living in Germany, New Zealand, India, Indonesia, Egypt, NY, TN, AR, IN. Each one of them an amazing person. My friend in New York I haven't seen him in so long, and I only wish I could be more part of his life, but I am so happy each time I get a phone call every few months from him. Some of them I have met in person, some I haven't yet. Whether we got to know each other because of someone else, or because we happened to be apart of the same website, or maybe just taking an online class together. Each one of my far away friends have my love with them from where ever they are in the world, and I miss you guys a lot.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Pause and eat Gelato

          It was an busy week for both of us. He was getting so wrapped up in his work he was forgetting to take meals, just working away on various projects. With each creative glimmer motivating his spirit to try something new, and work hard at what was a struggle, but what he loves to do. I myself had taken up classes again for summer B. As I was walking to class on my first day back, it seemed like it was same as always, as if I was going to spend just another day on campus, enjoying the sunshine in the pavilion, and the free printer in the library. I even chose the same professor I had in the spring. The familiarity felt nice, maybe not very special as I thought going back to school would be, but nice. As energetic work and studying goes, it is easy to get physically and mentally tired, especially if anything goes a bit wrong. But I would say one thing, Gelato and Wes Anderson films sure does help brighten tough weeks.