Saturday, November 5, 2016

A Younger Inspiration

I have a sister named Megan. She has long brown hair, blue eyes, and a contagious laugh. Megan is twelve years old and she has a passion for dance that truly inspires me. She pays for some of her classes, her costumes, her show fees. Every day she is finding some way to earn money and work so she can dance. Whether it is doing chores around the house, babysitting, doing people's laundry, or selling knitted scarves at craft fairs, she is determined to earn enough to be able to dance. Today she is getting pointe shoes and I am so proud and I can honestly say I want to be like her. I want to be as dedicated as she is to what I need and want to do. I remember when she was 6 and just starting dance lessons, I said to her, "maybe someday you will go on pointe, you will have to not give up and work really hard to be a good dancer" and she said that is what she wanted to do. Now 6 years later Megan is a ballerina performing all over the state, I can only congratulate her with much admiration.

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