Monday, November 21, 2016

Spending five minutes in front of God

          Read. Dont think about the past. Read very slowly. Dont worry about the future it will come. Pay attention. Focus on right now. Read one sentence at a time. Relax. Notice your breathing. In...Out...In...Out... Breathe Slowly. In... follow it down your windpipe let it fill your lungs. Feel them expand. Out... this is what keeps you alive. your air, your breath. In... Although sometimes you don't even notice it is there. Just like God. Out... Sometimes we forget don't notice he is there but he always is. In... breathe. Breathe slowly. Picture you are in a church, and it is dark. Not a cold dark, but a warm, comfortable dark. you feel very safe. You are sitting in a church. Now in your mind look up. You look up and you see the tabernacle. And out of the tabernacle comes Jesus. In your mind look at him. What does he look like? what do his clothes look like? What does his hair look like? What color is it? What does his skin look like? What color is it? Is it rough or soft looking? Does he have facial hair or is he clean shaven? Jesus is walking towards you and he sits down right in front of you. He looks into your eyes. What color are his eyes? Do you see your reflection in his eyes? Jesus is sitting in front of you. Now think of that sin, that one you cant stand yourself for. That bad thing you did. The one you always think of when you are feeling guilty about yourself. That sin that you're always asking yourself why did I do that, how could I do that. place your hands together in front of you, as if cupping them together to hold water, and put that sin in your hands. Now take all your sins from your whole life and put those in there too. Think of a time when you were most happy. Think of what makes you happy. Think of a time when you were sad, when a loved one passed away. and put those in your hands. Take all your past put that in there and take all your future, all future anxieties, worries, and plans and put that in your hands. Now take this moment. The moment you are in right now and put that in your hands... and give it all to Jesus. Say here lord, here Jesus, take all that I am, all the Joy, all the sad, all the sin, all my past, all my future, my life is yours. And Jesus looks at you, and smiles, he smiles at you with so much joy and love. He loves you so much more than you can ever love yourself. Jesus pulls you close and holds you to his heart. Now dont say anything, listen to his heart beat... With every beat he says I love you, he holds you and he says I love you, I love you, I love you. Jesus has cleansed you by his blood and died so that you might be able to attain eternal life and be happy with him forever in heaven. He died for you because he cannot even imagine ever being without you.

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